Best History YouTube Channels

Best History YouTube Channels in 2024

Nowadays YouTube has become the best platform for knowledge, education, history, and many other things. Most students or teenagers spend lots of time on YouTube to seek information or learn new things like cooking or technology. It’s also a great source of entertainment. People love watching vlogs, stand-ups, comedy shows, and more on this platform. But if we talk about History, everyone is interested in knowing more about history. Looking for historical events or history informative content on YouTube, we are here to bring you the best history YouTube channels where you can learn and get entertained.

History YouTube Channels Are Here Then Why Go Anywhere Else?

Everyone is curious to know about our historical events and facts when we talk about history. YouTube is a great source to learn historical things. Many History YouTube Channels are available to explore ancient civilizations’ hidden depths and get to know the untold stories of recent centuries. With the help of YouTube, you can know and get entertained from anywhere, anytime. In this blog, we have created a list of the best history channels on YouTube where you can gain knowledge or get entertained by animated shorts or longer documentary videos.

Best History YouTube Channels

Here check out the list of best history YouTube Channels where you get informative and engaging content on history by cinematic, short, and documentary videos.



When we discuss the best YouTube channels for history, the HISTORY channel is the No. 1 YouTube history channel. This Channel is a division of A+E Networks and has 13.3M subscribers. Discover various delights and attract documentary events and compelling nonfiction series on The HISTORY Channel. This YouTube channel is renowned for its top-quality and trustworthy source of history programming. The HISTORY Channel has always earned honor, being recognized as the #1 U.S. TV network in buzz for seven years running by YouGov BrandIndex. Additionally, it’s a favorite TV network according to Beta Research Corporation for providing facts and informational content about history.

2. Epic History

Epic History

Epic History counts among good history YouTube channels that make videos on cinematic dramatic storytelling and historical stories from our former times. This channel was established by Toby Groom in 2015 to modernize historical documentaries for today’s online audience. Epic History channel has 2.3M subscribers and provides content ranging from worldwide struggles revolution to the rise and fall of mighty empires. Their team members have academic backgrounds in history and extensive experience in making documentaries. They frequently collaborate with expert historians around the globe. This History YouTube channel brings passion and love for history through short videos, and dramatic facts, making for students, history enthusiasts, and casual users.

3. Fall of Civilizations

Fall of Civilizations

Don’t forget the Fall of Civilizations if we are talking about the best history YouTube channels. This channel has 1.16M subscribers, making videos on historically collapsed civilizations. This YouTube channel teaches the rise and fall of ancient civilizations through narrative storytelling with complete historical studies and surveys Each video on this channel focuses on various societies and discovering the compound factors that contributed to their eventual death. In this YouTube channel learn from the Byzantine Empire to the Aztecs, from the Khmer Empire to the Assyrians, every video uncovers the mysteries of a lost civilization, deepening our comprehension of the human past.

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4. Ancient Americas

Ancient Americas

If you want to know about American history, see the YouTube history channel videos on the Ancient Americas YouTube Channel. Pete hosts this Channel, where he explores the beautiful and ancient pre-Columbian history of South America and North America. It is one of the best history channels on YouTube in the USA. He explains the history from the earliest human migrations into the Americas to the grand empires of Mesoamerica and the Andes, and everything that lies in between. Ancient Americas has 185K subscribers right now and gives knowledge into the rich cultural heritage of the local people.

5. Invicta


Invicta YouTube channel is famous for making history documentary videos on interesting people and places of ancient times. The Channel has 1.5M subscribers and is one of the Best YouTube channels for history in the United States. This channel provides great historical knowledge about the military campaigns of Alexander the Great in Persia, delves into the political maneuverings of Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome, uncovers the regal fashion trends of medieval kings, and many more historical events. This YouTube Channel is a great source of knowledge and entertainment for every age of viewer across the globe who are interested to know more about history.

6. Oversimplified


Oversimplified is a good history YouTube channel with 8.3M Subscribers. This YouTube channel is famous for making animated videos on historical wars and events in the USA. Stuart Webster is the creator of this creative channel. Stuart explores everything from warfare to revolutions with a dash of humor and gets the attention of history enthusiasts worldwide. Mixing jokes, clever satire, and educational insights, this YouTube Channel ensures that history remains engaging, never burdened by a lack of variation.

7. Timeline – World History Documentaries


If you are looking for documentaries and series of history then you should check out the Timeline YouTube channel. This Channel has got a place in the best history YouTube channels in the United Kingdom with 5.2M subscribers. Timeline YouTube is famous for conducting exclusive documentaries and series from top broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, and PBS. The channel was started on January 17, 2017, each video of this channel’s running time is about an hour and contains exploration from top history experts and real documentary footage. Timeline YouTube channel provides information and historical content on mysteries of ancient Egypt, uncovers the shadows of medieval Europe’s tumultuous times, and dissects the crucial events of the First and Second World Wars.

8. Absolute History

absolute history

Absolute History is known for documentaries and series covering several periods and historical moments. This YouTube channels history has more than 2.8M subscribers. This channel brings historical content with high-quality production professionals and skilled storytelling, ensuring an engaging and easily understandable experience. Absolute history offers various historical content such as From Tony Robinson’s Worst Jobs in History to Suzannah Lipscomb’s Hidden Killers. This YouTube channel contains hour-long videos, focusing on unusual and dark aspects of history, especially the Victorian era. This British YouTube channel is gaining more popularity not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world.

9. The Armchair Historian

The Armchair historian

Griffin Johnsen is the founder of The Armchair Historian YouTube channel. The channel is one of the best history channels on YouTube. This YouTube channel is popular for making educational and entertaining animated historical videos. The Armchair Historial explores beautiful storytelling to explore history topics and events. The channel mostly focuses on army history and in-depth biographies of key aspects. This channel provides compelling content customized for experts of the past and has more than 2.2M subscribers.

10. Kings and Generals

Kings and Generals

You should check out this channel to learn about military and war history. Kings and Generals is the premier and one of Canada’s best YouTube channels for history with 3.5M subscribers. This YouTube channel explores and analyzes the wars, campaigns, and tactics throughout historical periods. Their team includes historians and military specialists who deeply provide precise and captivating material accessible to audiences of varying expertise. From the past to the modern era, this channel covers a wide range of topics with a focus on in-depth analysis and informational content. The presentations of Kings and Generals are great, they utilize intricate maps, graphics, and animations to dynamically depict historical events, enhancing comprehension and engagement for our audience.


Nowadays YouTube is considered the best platform for gaining knowledge and learning new things. People are fully dependent on YouTube for anything they want to learn. If you are curious about knowing our past or ancient times, here in this blog we have explored the list of the best history YouTube channels to educate people in terms of history with entertainment, documentaries, and animated videos. Whether your interest lies in the rise and fall of empires or in the culinary explorations intertwined with history, these history YouTube channels provide an immersive and enlightening journey. These YouTube channels explore the world’s history with Historical content of exceptional quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which YouTube channel is best for studying history?

History, Epic History & Fall of Civilization is one of the best YouTube channels for studying history. These channels explore our past with narrative storytelling and documentary videos.

2. Which channel is best for modern history?

Invicta and Oversimplified provide informative and attractive content on modern history with documentary videos and they are considered one of the best channels in modern history.

3. Are history YouTube channels suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the aim of history YouTube channels is to make history accessible and engaging for viewers of all groups ages, with content customized to various levels of understanding.

4. Do these YouTube channels offer free content?

Yes, most of these YouTube channels offer their content for free, supported by ads or optional contributions from viewers. However, some may offer premium content or membership fees to access the content.

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