Best Video Conferencing Software in 2024

Best Video Conferencing Software in 2024

With built-in capabilities like chat, video-conferencing, and recording, teleconferencing software provides online interaction for audio conferences, video-conferencing, and seminars. These programs promote collaboration, lower travel expenses, and facilitate long-distance or international communication. No matter where the participants are physically situated, employees at all organizational levels may arrange or attend online meetings with coworkers, business partners, or customers using video conferencing software.

Video conferencing apps like Zoom make it possible to be present in person for fast scrums and crucial meetings, simplifying everyone’s daily schedules, fostering stronger client connections, and guaranteeing clear and constant team communication. For simplified follow-up conversations and changes to contact accounts, several video conferencing technologies offer interfaces with digital marketing and CRM software. These connectors integrate vital business data into pertinent conferences.

Market Size of Video Conferencing Software

The global virtual meeting market volume was estimated at USD 6.28 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 12.5% from 2022 to 2030. The trend toward remote work spread across multiple company activities and growing globalization are the main drivers of this rise.

Additionally, the expanding market is fueled by the rising demand for virtual meeting solutions in the healthcare and educational industries. The sector has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Healthcare Video Conferences Solutions Market

A recent study by Grand View Assessment, Inc. projects that by 2028, the size of the global market for healthcare video chat solutions will be USD 114.46 million. From 2021 to 2028, the market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.9%. Intense urbanization and rising telemedicine solution penetration are the leading market drivers.

The Market for Mobile VoIP

A recent study by Grand View Analysis, Inc. projects that by 2024, the demand for mobile VoIP worldwide will have grown to USD 145.76 billion. The mobile VoIP market is expanding due to the transfer from channel-switch networks to packet-switched connections.

The Smart Learning and Education Market

A recent study by Grand View Analysis, Inc. projects that by 2027, the global market for innovative education and instruction will be USD 680.1 billion. From 2020 to 2027, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9%.

Due to advantages like enhanced educational standards and simple access to scholarly information, the need for intelligent learning and instruction solutions is developing among the increasing share in the academic and business sectors.

Best Video Conferencing Software

Explore the below list of the best video conferencing software you can consider for your business.

1. RingCentral Video

Ring Central

RingCentral Video is a video meeting platform that helps company teams to collaborate. The software is integrated into RingCentral’s MVP app that is accessible across all platforms and devices. It is an efficient platform enabling calling, planning, and recording video meetings. Safety features such as Safe Driving Mode differentiate it from its competitors.

2. Google Meet

google meet

Google Meet is Google’s flagship video calling software platform. It is a highly effective tool that helps to set up video calls and record them. It has real-time chat features that enable intra-call communication via text messages. Google Meet syncs up with your Google account and integrates all existing contacts on the platform. Thus, it is highly convenient and easy to use.

3. GoToMeeting

Go To Meeting

GoTo Meeting is a segment of the GoTo software platform. GoTo Meeting is especially suited for conducting online video meetings for work purposes. It enables the setting up of meetings via links and provides recording features for future recaps. It is popular among office employees and other company divisions for conducting meetings at a moment’s glance.

4. Join Me

Join Me

Join Me is a video calling platform targeted at small to mid-sized businesses. It helps businesses to manage their communications and improve team collaboration. The software has many features, such as real-time presentation templates and customizable mobile whiteboards. This makes it ideal for conducting official meetings and conferences. They have a wide range of plans for all sorts of requirements.

5. ClickMeeting

Click Meeting

ClickMeeting is a browser-based software platform optimized to conduct meetings on a large scale. The software allows users to share screens and talk to multiple people simultaneously. It is best suited for conducting online webinars with many attendees. The software is programmed to allocate up to 5000 listeners at a time. This makes it ideal for broadcasting en masse.

6. Blue Jeans by Verizon

Blue Jeans

BlueJeans Meeting is a calling platform that enables communication through various mediums. The platform is optimized to provide audio, video, and web meetings. It is an effective tool for companies that want to improve collaboration between different sectors and teams. The software is a paid package, but a free trial option is available.

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7. U Meeting

U Meeting

U Meeting is the flagship video calling platform designed by CyberLink. The platform provides several features, such as laser pointers and virtual whiteboards. It may lack specific amenities that its competitors offer, but U Meeting makes up for it by providing its service at affordable rates. The platform facilitates video meetings across all devices and platforms.

8. BigBlueButton

Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is a proprietary video calling platform that helps to facilitate online meetings and calls. The platform is open-source, meaning anyone can download and use it for free. It was primarily designed to facilitate online education for students. The software provides high-quality video calling services coupled with screen-sharing features.

9. FreeConference


FreeConference is a video meeting platform designed to facilitate online conferences and webinars. The software supports multiple callers with up to 1000 attendees on a single call. This makes it the ideal platform for conducting gatherings on a mass scale. It has various features inbuilt such as screen sharing and whiteboards, along with chat features.

10. Lifesize


LifeSize is a mobile-based video software platform that helps to conduct video and audio calls via the web. It provides high-quality voice-calling services for users. The software lacks certain features but makes up for them by being completely free to use. Users can conduct chats across multiple channels and locations at the same time.

11. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting

ZohoMeeting is the flagship video calling software from Zoho Corporation. It is an effective tool for conducting online video meetings on a large scale. It is primarily targeted at office spaces and helps companies to improve collaboration and teamwork between different sectors of the company. The software helps to improve performance by facilitating effective communication.

12. AnyMeeting

Any meeting

AnyMeeting is a browser-based video conferencing software platform. It was designed to keep conferences and webinars in mind, which is where the software shines. Anymeeting helps to conduct high-quality video calling across vast numbers of people. It is targeted primarily at small businesses that need an effective platform through which to perform communication.

13. UberConference


UberConference is a video calling platform designed and owned by Dialpad. It is a free as well as a paid service. The software can easily facilitate communication between more than a hundred callers. It is an effective platform for companies to improve communication and collaboration indices. The software is accessible across all platforms and devices.

14. Flock Connect

Flock Connect

Flock Connect is a video calling and conferencing platform targeted at business places and companies. It helps to improve collaboration between team members and different divisions within a company. It has many features, such as to-dos, reminders, and poll templates. This makes it an effective tool for companies in their daily communication processes.

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15. Wise Control

Wise Control

Wise Control is a remote computer connecting software that allows your computer to be used by a secondary IP address. It primarily targets companies that need to provide online assistance in real time. It targets technicians and IT employees who need to repair computers and systems. Using the app, they can do the work remotely.

16. Fuze


Fuze Meeting is a video calling software that primarily targets businesses. It helps to facilitate business conversations and improves collaboration and teamwork. Even if someone is not a Fuze user, they can join a Fuze meeting if invited. It helps companies in their daily communications processes and routine procedures.

17. Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a video conferencing software that aims to provide quality video calling services for educational purposes. The software targets primarily students and teachers. It has a bunch of features that help facilitate online teaching and learning. The software is intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

18. Highfive (by Dialpad)

Highfive (by Dialpad)

Highfive is a video calling software platform that helps companies and businesses to run their daily communication processes effectively. The video conferencing software Highfive has now been integrated into the Dialpad ecosystem and exists as Dialpad Meeting currently. Both platforms have similar features, with certain improvements made to the original. It is an effective platform to use for daily contact and communications.

19. MaestroConference


MaestroConference is a video conferencing platform that facilitates conducting online conferences between thousands of attendees. It is a stable platform that enables seamless communication processes for users. There are many features, such as screen sharing and multiple channel chats. All of this makes it a powerful tool to use for communications on a mass scale.

20. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the flagship video calling software from the software giant. It is an effective tool to use for daily communications. It has many features that make it ideal for conducting video meetings and hosting calls. The software syncs up to existing Microsoft accounts and helps to enhance continuity across the ecosystem.

21. Workcast Present


Workcast Present is another wonderful video conferencing software where you can create meeting rooms, join any ongoing meeting with the help of the meeting room invitation link, and even chat with others privately. Sharing multimedia content and documents is super easy with this video-conferencing application. The best part is the security features that protect your shared data and the chats. You can even control access for every document you share in a public meeting room with multiple participants.

22. 8X8 Video Meeting

8x8 video meeting

8X8 Video Meeting software allows you to create a free account and access various features that can make video conferencing super easy and fun. For instance, you can integrate a calendar with this application and schedule your meetings conveniently. It also comes with custom extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Screen sharing, chats, or raising hands are some actions you can take during a meeting.

23. Zoom


Zoom is one of the best video conferencing applications that people can use for personal and professional uses. It is considered a free alternative to Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex. You can create a free account and purchase a subscription plan according to your requirements. Apart from this, it comes with multiple third-party integrations so that you can connect several other applications with Zoom and hold seamless calls and meetings with others.

24. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings

For professional use, Cisco Webex meetings are the best software. It is available in a web application format, so you won’t have to download it on your desktop. From creating private meeting rooms to adding people on the go, the software has several robust features that make it an ideal option for companies and organizations.

25. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime

Whether integrating Google Calendar or recording the calls and uploading the same in your private drive, Amazon Chime is an impressive video conferencing application for organizations. Although the security features are yet to be updated, the rest of the features, like custom plugins and browser extensions, availability of web and desktop applications, private chat rooms, and so on, will certainly help you arrange meetings and conferences with your clients or other employees.

26. Skype


Skype has been one of the best video conferencing apps for the past three decades. Professionals use it to organize meetings and conferences and individuals to have video calls and chats with people living away. Besides private meeting rooms, Skype also provides private chat rooms with access control systems so that you can decide who will have access to the chats done so far. You can even share multimedia files and documents over Skype with ease.

27. Glance


Glance is the perfect video conferencing application for small-scale businesses. You can use this software for free or buy a premium package based on convenience. It allowed you to record the call and share the same media with others. Apart from this, you can add multiple people simultaneously to a particular call or meeting without any problem.

28. Media Platform

media platform

With this video conferencing application, organizing meetings and conferences with your clients or other team members will be fine. Companies with established hybrid or digital nomad working systems can benefit greatly from this app.

29. MobilePay


As the name sounds, this application is compatible with desktops and mobiles, allowing employees or users to access their meeting rooms, chats, or calendars from any device. The best part is that it doesn’t allow taking screenshots of any personal documents, thereby ensuring maximum security for the users.

30. ProfiConf


If you want a free video-conferencing application for personal use, ProfiConf will be an ideal choice. You can organize videos, regular text chats, and even remote conferences. Apart from this, call recording and sharing of multimedia documents are allowed on this platform.

31. InEvent


With InEvent, you can easily organize meetings without any hassle. You need to create an account with a password and user ID for optimal security, which is why there is no need to worry about someone accessing your data.

How do we list the best video conferencing app?

We tested the best video conferencing app based on the following factors:

  • We chose software programs with free and paid subscription models so that users can choose any account based on convenience.
  • We also picked software programs that can help record calls, chat with others, add people on the go to any meeting room, create meeting links, and so on.
  • The software programs for video conferencing that we have chosen are used for personal use and at the organizational levels.

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing software?

To conduct meetings, businesses want more than simply a reliable video connection. In conclusion, the top video conferencing applications are:

  • Offer consistently excellent audio and video. This must be the one function that web conferencing software is capable of.
  • Make scheduling, starting, and joining meetings simple. Meetings must also be quickly scheduled and put into your schedule, and you should only need to click on clear links to participate in the call.
  • Include tools for cooperation. The bare minimum is conversation and screen sharing. Beyond this, the top online video conferencing tools provide whiteboarding or even direct collaborative tools.
  • A video recording option must be there. Not everyone can attend every meeting, so recordings fill in the gaps. Your virtual meeting software should make recording a session as easy as clicking a button.
  • Make it simple for individuals from outside your company to join. Of course, there should be security mechanisms to keep away unauthorized attendees, but everyone should be able to follow a link and attend your meeting without too much hassle.


In this article, we have walked you through video conferencing software, the top options you have in hand, and several other aspects that you should know before using such a program. Therefore, making the perfect choice for your video conferencing software won’t be much of a problem, especially since we have discussed a comprehensive guide here. If you are looking to develop a short video app like TikTok then you can hire dedicated software developers with the world’s no mobile app development company.

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